US Food and Drug Administration

FDA Certification

About FDA Certification

Our Edible Gold and Silver consumable gourmet products have received an FDA import number, designated as a 'Gourmet Food' product, by the US Food and Drug Administration. This allows to import and distribute our Edible Gold and Edible Silver products in the United States. Edible Gold and Edible Silver leaf products have not been tested or certified by the US FDA.

There are no distributors or sellers of Edible Gold or Edible Silver leaf in the United States that have an approved FDA certificate. Note that the FDA certificates represented on other Edible Gold websites are actually an FDA application form only and is not a certified document. Contact us with questions.

All our Edible products have been certified by the European LGA. The LGA is the European equivalent of the US FDA. Our Edible Gold and Edible Silver products are produced by Gold Gourmet in Germany.

View our LGA certificate.

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