The difference between edible gold and regular gold leaf is the following.

Pure 24kt Gold

Pure gold leaf is 24 karat. In it pure state it is very soft and delicate. Therefore, it is typically mixed with other alloys to create different levels of hardness and to adjust the color tone of the leaf. That is why most jewelry is 18kt or 22kt gold (mixed with copper, etc.) because 24kt gold is too soft for daily wear and tear. Gold leaf is the same principle. Mostly mixed with copper, silver, etc. you can get a wide variety of colors, ranging from a slight reddish tone, to bright yellow, to white gold. The alloys mixed in to create these variances are not edible (like copper). Our Edible Gold is almost pure gold, but mixed with silver only, which is edible, so it is completely digestible. Edible Silver leaf is also available, and we offer Edible Silver in leaf form and in powder, or dust form.

Can we eat Edible Gold?

Generally speaking, there is no danger in ingesting Edible Gold. Gold is an inert metal that simply passes through the intestinal system. Edible Gold will pass out of the body after about 24 hours unchanged without causing any harm or reaction on the body.

Purity of Edible Gold?

All our Edible Gold products are 23kt. Composed of 98% pure gold and 2% Pure Edible Silver. We add a small amount of Edible Silver to our leaf to harden the otherwise soft 24kt Gold, so it will maintain it's form when placed on food items or in beverages.

The alloy that was used for the flame of the ‘Statue of Liberty’ is of equivalent alloy as used for Edible Gold. The gilded flame has resisted all kinds of weather for many years without showing reaction on the monument.

Can you eat too much Edible Gold?

According to European Regulations (see our LGA certificate), there is no limit to the quantity of Edible Gold that can be ingested (Quantum Satis), however, the idea is to impress ones eyes and not fill your stomach with Edible Gold Leaf.

Kosher Certification

Edible Gold Leaf, Flake and Dust, produced by J. G. Eytzinger GmbH, is certified KOSHER PARVE (excluding Passover) by the Federation of Synagogues, 65 Watford Way, London NW4 3AQ. The certificate is renewed annually. View all our certifications here.

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